Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Ann Voskamp wrote today:

Lord, some things look pretty impossible from where we stand right now.

So that's what we do: we pray for the impossible things, the improbable, implausible, impractical things.

We don't just pray for the possible --- because ours is the God who whispers: "With Me nothing, Nothing, NOTHING is impossible." 

You are the God who makes the ridiculously impossible into the miraculously possible, the unbelievable into the you-better-believe-it, the never into the now. We are the people who pray it tonight: BUT GOD. We pray the impossible prayers -- because as long we are with You, *nothing is impossible.*

Do we dare be bold enough to pray for the impossible? For the bridge to mend? For the weight to be lifted? For the door to open...or close?

When I am asked about fitness or Crossfit or training, I always tell others "you can do this."

Anyone can do this.

When someone paralyzed from the waist down can do rope climbs in a wheelchair? Yeah, you can do this. 

The difference is the want. How bad do you want it? Pray the impossible.

The dream is free - the hustle is sold separately folks

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